You can’t imprison freedom

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You can’t imprison freedom

freedom has no visible shape or color

still, you can imagine it

some days it will be soft and curly

other days erect in expectation

you can never know where it hides

waiting to be found

people try to catch it for centuries with butterfly nets and guns

by legislation and firm decision

telling what it can or can’t do or be

people try to imprison it and refrigerate it

put it in jail or jar, behind the bars

threaten it, kill it

keep it ready for a hot summer night

add it to a drink as an ice cube

no matter how hard

they try, they can’t imprison it


has no shape or color

still, you can feel her

when the chest opens

when a rolling tear travels down your face

when a bird eats from your palm

when you let go of someone dear

you can imagine it or feel it

even describe or define it by colors (for a split second)

still can’t imprison it

July 2018.

Copy Marijana Mary Mrvoš


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