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The church bells started ringing when I heard roaring coming from underneath the bed. I thought I have to keep calm. My husband was sleeping on the side of bed close to the balcony which was open. People were chatting, laughing, walking. I could hear a liquid poured into glasses and music playing. We were on our yearly summer vacation trip — the Mediterranean. We used to have sex a lot on vacation. Since he got his job promotion, he lost his appetite. I didn’t.

That morning, at the pool, I bumped into a nicely tanned, healthy-looking man with beautiful sparkly eyes. We started to talk. I got excited. I felt chills, and I whispered him my wild wishes. He smiled, nodded and roared quietly. I was fond of wildcats.

I was finishing the peach sorbet when a waiter delivered a note. It was short, messy, handwritten – midnight, roaring, underneath the bed. I didn’t understand it, but I decided to follow my instincts.

I almost dozed off when I heard that roaring sound. I opened my eyes. O, no, he is under our bed?! How he managed to get there without me noticing him earlier?

We met again by the pool. We nodded. Perfectly pressed security officer uniform looked great on him.

© Marijana Mary Mrvoš

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