Zuzu’s boundaries

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I wrote Zuzu’s boundaries story for a friend, but I wrote it for myself too. Last several days, I consumed tons of information about secret plans and agendas to enslave humanity. It is not new to me, but specific information makes me feel sick. I do not know about you, but I do not want to be a slave. It is my birthright to be free.
Zuzu’s story is about stepping forward, even when you are afraid. I am scared of many things, but I dare to do what I feel I must do.

Enjoy the story and be true to yourself.

Zuzu’s boundaries

Zuzu owned a rosebush farm which she took from her parents. She put lots of work introducing news, and her roses became known all over the world. When she was little, she cared for bushes, but now she spent all her time in the office.

As time was passing, she felt unease inside her body which changed into pain. She ignored it, but the pain was getting stronger. She went to see a doctor. He/she listened to her and let her do many tests. With tests Zuzu revisited he/she doctor. He/she looked at the papers and sad:

Well, before I say anything, I want to ask you a question?


Are you happy?

Well, yes.

He/she looked again and repeated the question: Are you happy?

Well, I don’t know what to say.

I also don’t know what to say.  According to tests, you are well. Nothing is wrong. That pain you described comes from the place we can not scan with our instruments. I can prescribe pain killers or ask you to do more tests, but it won’t help.  Are you willing to try something different?

Well, yes. Anything to get rid of the pain. My business is suffering.

I prescribe you to sit quietly once a day and listen.


Yes, listen to your thoughts and if any thought bothers you pay attention and listen more.

Zuzu’s face got red. She snatched papers from a doctor’s desk and left the room.

At first, she did nothing. She bought painkillers in the pharmacy. They helped, but as time passed, her pain did not go away. Now, she felt it in the morning, throughout a day and in her sleep. She couldn’t concentrate, do her plans, participate at essential meetings, speak with buyers. She had to pass most of her obligations to other people who worked for her. She got sick to the point she could barely go out of the house.

One day she sat on the porch. She decided to try listening. Her thoughts were like bees, and she thought she is in a bee house. She got used to the sound of bees. It relaxed her body, and she breaded deeper. Some days it was difficult to listen. Many times she quit, but the pain would not let her stop.

One day she heard a voice which sounded much like he/she doctor she visited.

Zuzu, you are progressing well.

Who are you? Am I talking to myself? Am I getting crazy?

No, you got to a place where you can talk to me.

Who are you?

I can be a guide, a friend, a doctor. Whatever you choose to call me, it is fine with me.

O.K. What do you want?

I want to tell you how brilliant you are and how much you have achieved so far.

Are you kidding with me?


I am brilliant, and I have done a great job. You must be kidding. I eat, drink, sleep and sit on my porch pretending to listen while others do all the work around the farm.

We all need time to rest.

I can not keep resting forever.

I agree, and that is the reason I came to remind you of the job you have done so far.

What job?

Resting and listening.

That is no job, that is resting. Regarding listening, I am not even sure if I know how to listen.

You do. You found me.

No, I am hallucinating.

Zuzu made another visit to he/she doctor. She told him/her what happened. He/she smiled and said:

My prescription is working. Well done. Continue listening.

I don’t believe you. I pay you and all you say continue listening.  Aren’t you going to do more tests or try a different procedure?

No, I want you to continue. Please remind me how many times I prescribed listening.

Once a day.

O.K. From today change it to twice a day.

As she drove home, Zuzu realized her pain weakened.  She decided to give it a try. She would sit and listen twice a day and was able to return to work for a few hours.  Management and office duties were running smoothly so; she decided to spend more time in the fields gardening. She felt the sun on her face, dirt on her fingers. She listened to birds and found time to examine ants, bees, ladybugs. She also talked to rose bushes and laughed a lot. Still he felt pain from time to time. She did not recover to the fullest.

One day her sister came out of nowhere. She did not see her for over ten years. Zuzu would send her money, but that was all. No calls, no visits. She parked her car on the grass and announced she came to help her with business and recovery. Zuzu felt uneasy but sad nothing.

Her sister started bossing around and making people uneasy. Her orders were contradicting one other, and she created a lot of chaos on the farm. Suppliers began to call Zuzu to check what is gone wrong.  She stopped her practice and put more effort into fixing mass after her sister while she was having fun doing what she pleased to do without considering others. Zuzu’s pain returned and was getting stronger. She paid another visit to her doctor. He/she listened and said:

You have to return to the listening practice, and you have to put some borders and show people around you your new boundaries.

I do not understand. How do I draw a line?

Simple. Ask yourself a question. What do you don’t tolerate anymore, and that is how you draw a line. Once you create new boundaries, go out and practice them.

She felt anger. Listening and answering questions. Is this doctor real?

Doctor, you do not understand. I work hard, and I do whatever I need to do, I treat my workers fairly, I take care of my sister, I let her boss around as I always have and I get pain, and others get the glory. I give up.

No. You can not afford to give up. It would mean you will lose everything you worked for so hard.

What kind of doctor are you? Why can’t you give me a pill to ease the pain?

I care about my patients, and I want them to thrive in life. Some of my patients need pills, but you do not need them. You need to stand up for yourself. Listen and draw new borders.

One day she was in the rose kindergarten looking over her pride and joy.  She looked at the best rose bushes which produced fragrant so sweet that would make you believe you are in haven. She spotted cigarette chunks.

She found her sister in the dining room. She put her boots on the dining table and she was talking over a phone. Zuzu waited for a while, trying to catch her attention. She ignored her and waived her to leave the room. Zuzu waited when she heard a voice – Took her phone and, make her listen to you. No , I that’s rude. I can not do that. She is rude, she showed you to go out of the room. No, I do not do such things. She does, she can do whatever she likes. O.K. Do as you please. Voice disappeared, but her pain returned. She couldn’t stand it any more. She came closer to her sister and said:

I need to talk to you.

Can you see I am on the phone?

Finish the call. I need to talk to you right now.

Or what, you will start crying as you always do?

No. I will end your call. Zuzu grabbed her phone and switched it off.

How dare you! It was an important business call. You will ruin our business.

Stop. We both know you are laying. I was in the rose kindergarten and saw cigarette chunks all over the ground. Since you are the only person who smokes around here go and clean your mess. From now, you are not allowed to smoke on the farm, and if you can not accept it, you have to leave.

You can not do that. It is my right to be here.

You can be here, but you have to accept the rules by which we live here. Our farm is a non-smoking zone, and you have been ignoring that rule since you came. If you can not accept it, you have to leave.

Little by little, with small steps, Zuzu changed her life. She thought herself to listen and follow her intuition which showed her how to heal. Next time she went to see her doctor to  tell him/her what happened, she couldn’t find him/her. They told her a doctor of that name never existed.

©marymrvos for a friend

May 9, 2020