A Silent Prayer

TellTaleThursday April 4, 2019. Prompt for this week –

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A Silent Prayer

It was my second VIP group I was guiding through an island which was known as the place where gods still walk. I lived here for ages but never spotted one. Well, people love stories and myths, and the tourist industry loves it too. It sells well.

I counted the group as they entered the bus. One person was missing. I checked the list again and realized that a missing person is a lady who was added to the group as a latecomer and her name was handwritten at the end of the list. I could not remember her face, but I remembered her white shawl. She had it with her all the time. I heard murmurs and complains coming from the back of the bus. I had to do something immediately, or I will be in trouble. If my boss finds out I lost another visitor I will get fired and will never get another guide job.

I closed my eyes and decided to pry.

„Dear gods, please help me find the lady with a white shawl.“

As I finished the prayer someone pulled my arm.

„Ms. Bandara, I am sorry you had to wait for me. I lost track of time listening to the bird’s music. Please, can Ms. Nedirath get a bus ride, she lives near our hotel.“

As a driver started the engine, I sat silently. It is true. They walk. Ms. Nedirath left the bus before I was able to thank her in person.


© Marijana Mary Mrvoš

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