My first English lesson

Photo by Sourav Mishra from Pexels

This morning I was sipping tea when I remembered my cousin. We used to have lots of fun when we lived in the neighbourhood. He moved to Canada, and we rarely see each other.

It was the middle of the first part of a new school year. I was nine or ten. I recently arrived in a town, and my life was completely changed. I left a house, close family members and people who were all known to me because I came from a small village. The bright side of the story was my aunt who lived in the neighbourhood with my uncle and there two older sons. They were (still are) brothers to me.

Back at that time front doors were open. I entered in the hall, said hi but nobody responded. All doors, two on the left and one on the right were closed, only the kitchen door which was on the opposite were open. I came closer and saw my younger cousin sitting behind the kitchen table. He didn’t notice me till the moment I said hi again. He responded but continued staring at papers scattered over the table.

I asked him: „What are you doing?“ He looked at me, relaxed in a chare and said: „I am preparing for  the English test.“

„It is Friday afternoon. Shouldn’t you be someplace else?“

„Mum was at school in the morning. She said I could forget a motorbike and other activities as long as my grades are bad.“

„Are grades that bad?“


„O.K. Is it hard? Maybe I can help?

„It is, I do not understand it, and I would rather be in a garage working on my motorbike than spending Friday afternoon in the house.“

I picked a paper from a table and started to read. I guess I was okay. The cousin looked at me and said: „I give up, you don’t even learn English,  and you are already better than me.“

I looked back and suggested I will help him finding words in a dictionary which describe parts of the motorbike. I said it is an excellent start to impress his English teacher showing her he is keen to learn.

After two hours, we found enough words to create a story with the help of his older brother. I got a chocolate shake. He made the best shakes.

My cousin Braco is an intelligent and funny guy. He learns through practice and action.  I believe his many talents helped him through life. I wish I could see him at a stage or with a pencil or brush. He used to made us laugh with dressing up and acting, and his drawings were excellent.  I hope he will return to some of his fun things when he retires.

Marijana Mary Mrvoš