Invisible thread of friendship



I met Zdenka seven years ago at the job interview. The Czech company was hiring a person in the administration, and I decided to try. On the day of the interview, she greeted me in the hotel lobby because at that time the company did not have an office in Zagreb. After a pleasant chat, she gave me a simple task – to respond to client’s inquiry. I got the job. On Sunday afternoon we met again at the Praha airport where she picked me up. We had a meal in the town of Tabor with her husband to be and some close friends which flow from Canada to be present at their wedding.

I spent my first working week at the company’s headquarter in the village of Malšice situated in the region of Bohemia, close to the border with Austria. It reminded me so much of the neighborhood where I grow up, but the village was bigger and more populated. Wherever I looked, things were neat but simple. I didn’t notice people were spending a lot on cars or houses. They seemed to be modest living quiet life without an urge of showing up to neighbors. In Croatia, there is a strong need for possessing material things and showing up even if the purchase of the desire doesn’t match the earnings. We love credit cards and buying things we don’t necessarily need. We love spending summers on a coast and winters in popular skiing places but mostly on credit. We love to daydream about a better life but only if we don’t need to move from the chare. I might be critical, but it seemed to me Czechs were willing to take active participation in creating a change in their life. At least the Czechs I met.

I worked for the Zeelandia spol s.r.o for almost three years. During that time Zdenka was my superior. We mostly saw each other during Skype calls because she was in Malšice and I was in Zagreb. Besides work, we would occasionally share other aspects of our life. Croatian company closed in December 2013.; we promised to stay in touch.

Sinc that time our lives took different paths, but an invisible thread keeps us together. The connection is getting stronger and stronger. She had a difficult pregnancy during which I tried to support her with words and energy. She got a beautiful son Stepan. Last month he celebrated the second birthday. I sent him a couloring pencils and book as a birthday present.


Today, I got a present for my birthday which was a few days ago. The postman brought me a package with a hidden pearl, the book 22 Czech legends written by Alena Ježkova, translated into English by Martin Tharp. Zdenka could not send me a better present. On the first page, there is a map of the places mentioned in the book; I thought what a great itinerary. On the second page, I found a note from her; she also thinks we should visit places together when I come to visit her. Stepan made a picture with coulouring pencils.


Even we live apart I feel such a strong connection with her. I think about her often and enjoy talking to her each time we Skype. I shared the story with you because there is a lot of invisible going between us. I believe there is a reason we met. Strange, she told me that she believes they opened a vacancy in Croatia, so we get to know each other.

Life teaches us to believe in our deeper knowledge hidden in our hearts. Life teaches us to believe what our hearts are telling us. I believe we should keep learning to understand what the heart tells us till it becomes natural as breading.

Keep learning and have faith. The faith is the most valuable nonmaterial asset we have.