A little prince who didn’t know how to tidy his room

Sometimes our living space (life, body, mind, relationships, etc.) gets cluttered because we add things all the

time but forget to release some of them from time to time. Spring is a great season to get rid of things we do

not need or want anymore. We can throw them or give them away if they are in good condition.

Sometimes we need help to start with because releasing can be difficult. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, and you never know who will show up. If you need and inspiration, read the story.

Good luck with cleaning!

A little prince who didn’t know how to tidy his room

A little prince was sitting in his room, surrounded by things. There were toys, books, games, bicycles, balls of different shapes and sizes, chairs, clothes and whatever else you could imagine.  Even a tiny egg is hidden somewhere. He didn’t know what to do.

He picked up one thing and threw it in the air, hoping it will give him space, but the thing doubled itself and fell back. He tried again. Soon, his room, once big and spacious painted in beautiful shades of green, blue, yellow with the night sky on the ceiling, was so cluttered that his family forgot about him. They looked for him everywhere but couldn’t find him. After a while, they stopped searching.

The little prince got angry. He yelled and screamed, but no one heard him. He yelled and screamed again, throwing things around, which made his room cluttered even more. Big tears rolled down his cheeks. He cried in silence. He was a proud and brave little prince and didn’t want people to hear him crying. He felt tired and almost fell asleep when he heard a noise.

“Chirp, chirp, chirp. “

“Hello, anybody there? The little prince said.

“Yes. I am a little bird. I can hear you, but I cannot see you. “

“I am behind the pile of things. ”  

Led by the voice, the little bird landed on the top of the pile of things. A little boy was sitting on the floor.

“Chirp, chirp, chirp. I have never seen a nest-like yours. An impressive creation. “

“Thank you, but my nest is too tight for me. I cannot get out, and I don’t have wings to fly. “

“Chirp, chirp, chirp. Interesting. Why don’t you tidy your nest? “

“I tried. I threw one thing, hoping it will disappear, but it returned doubled. Now, I got more things than before. “

“Chirp, chirp, chirp. If you want, I can show you how to do it. “

The boy jumped. “Will you? That would be wonderful. “

“Chirp, chirp, chirp. I will show you a thing, and you will have to decide if you need it or not. If you need it, I will put it on the wall shelves. You have beautiful shelves and cupboards so you should use them. If you do not need a thing, I will put it aside, and later you will decide what to do with it.”

The little prince was not quite so sure about the decision part, but he accepted the offer.

The little bird started showing him things. At first, the little prince was hesitant with decisions, but the little bird was patient. She waited until the little prince made his decision. As they proceeded, the little prince got better and better. Soon the little prince could see walls, shelves, chairs, bed and window. His room was spacious and bright

The little bird was sitting on the window bench. The little prince came closer and looked at her.

“Chirp, chirp, chirp. Now you know what to do with things in the future. “

“Thank you. You are so generous. You helped me clear my room. You saved me even you knew I stole one of your eggs last year. How can I repay you? “

“Chirp, chirp, chirp. You can give me a few sheets of paper for my nest. I am repairing it because new chicks are coming soon. “

“That’s not a problem. Choose any one you desire. “

“Also, promise me to be a protector of all living things, and I will forgive you for stealing my egg. “

The little prince bowed and gave a vow. From that day each morning, the little prince would greet the little bird and her chicks. When it was time for them to leave, he took care of their nest so that the little bird can return if she wants.

He helped in the garden. More trees and bushes grew for birds and animals to find new homes. Things he didn’t need anymore he gave to people who needed them more. Also, he kept his room clean and bright and invited his friends, old and new ones, to come and play. 

The king and the queen were proud of seeing their son changed.  



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