Another Friday

A mobile phone beeped at five in the morning. I postponed it three times before I got up, even I knew I would be late for a six o’clock train. The air in the room was hot, and I took a long shower. There was no need to rush out to see the train leaving the platform. I put cattle on the stove and decided to have a proper breakfast. Tea was strong; I added one sugar and a few drops of lemon. Tost was crispy, and the strawberry jam was melting down the throat. I made a promise to make a habit of having breakfast before leaving the flat. I also knew it would be hard to keep the promise, but that morning I was very enthusiastic.

Seven o’clock train arrived at half past seven. I didn’t question it. I took the first free seat and got lost between headlines on a mobile screen. My eyes jumped from one headline to another. I didn’t spot a terrorist attack, a new presidential outburst or drunk celebrity. I put the phone in the bag.

When I entered the office building, beautiful women smiled at me. She greeted me and asked if I am on the list.

„What do you mean, on the list?“ I asked her.

„Sunday list, are you on the Sunday list?“ She replayed politely.


„Yes, you have to be on the list to enter the building.“

The alarm clock was beeping. On the way to the train station, I felt the sweetness of the strawberry jam in my stomach. I promised to have a proper breakfast on Sunday. I had to go through another Friday.


© Marijana Mary Mrvoš

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4 misli o “Another Friday

  1. Did you set wake up call for the wrong day? Don’t you feel mad for rushing out on a Sunday? At least you had a long shower and a good breakfast.

    Sviđa mi se


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