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Two days ago I found out blog holds a contest for emerging writers. Well, I can not resist an opportunity to write. Even the deadline was short I made it. I wrote a short story. I enjoyed it, I practiced, and I kept my promise.

If you are reading the post, I hope it will inspire you to keep your promise. Keeping promises which enlight us keep us alive and running. Hope you will enjoy the story too.

A promise

It was a hot day. Too hot for him. Winter was his favorite season. He loved cold. He enjoyed temperatures under ten degrees, land covered in white and his boots squicking. Fresh air would help him clear his thoughts. They were spinning, and he felt a bit dizzy. It was a big day. He had an appointment with a doctor.

Four years ago he had brain surgery. It was a tumor, and the doctor wasn’t optimistic. He did not say it aloud, could not look him into eyes. While in a hospital he did not like sadness and powerlessness present around. Though, he felt optimistic living home. He made a promise.

Before illness he was shy. He would not dare talk to strangers, especially beautiful ladies, but he decided to overcome his fears. Each day he would go out for a long stroll, and he would greet every person along the way. As he got courageous, he started to talk to strangers, and he kept his promise every day for the past four years.

The doctor told him he still got a tumor, but his blood tests were normal. He proposed another set of tests, but he refused. On his way home he met a beautiful lady. She greeted him with a smile and hugged him.

„Stjepan, you were right. It all turned out well. My project is accepted, and it will be founded. Thank you. Thank you.“ They talked for a quarter an hour.

When he got home and changed his clothes, he felt great. It was a good sign.


© Marijana Mary Mrvoš



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