The exhibition „I am …“


On Friday morning 27.4.2018. I took a bus to be present at the opening of the exhibition „ I am…“ (part of the 2018 Labor Day Incubator organized by the local not-for-profit organization Kreativni Krk). I arrived at Krk around noon. As I stepped out from the bus, the smell of the sea was very intense and pleasant to my nostrils. I spent most of the day wandering through the narrow streets of the old Krk town which is rich in history that still tells stories depending if we are willing to listen. I listened to the sound of my feet on the cobbled streets. I tried to visualize who was walking through those streets before me. I strolled beside a seaside. I seeped a tea looking at the clear blue sky and still deeper blue of the Adriatic.

I arrived at the gallery Decumanus – Krk around 7 p.m and met three beautiful ladies. They were Bruna Justinić, Lucija Štefančić, and Ana Elena Brusić. I am very thankful to Ana who translated my prose poem Vrijedim, vrijedim, vrijedim into English. The poem is one of the exhibited artworks.

Bruna made heart touching opening speech. Amongst other she mentioned:

„All of these self-portraits (all the artworks under the subject „I am…“ are indeed self-portraits; self-portraits of one personal thought, the state of mind, the heritage, etc.) make a complete picture of today’s contemporary artist persona.“

I am proud that my artwork is part of this story.

I am Krk



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