Flight 008 from Tokyo to L.A.

Inspiration came from the contest of the X Prize Foundation. More details about the project/competition/stories on the link – http://seat14c.com/. Enjoy!

I kept reminding myself to pick up the parcel which should have been already at the post office on Green avenue. As I stepped on an airport floor, I took a deep breath. I was overwhelmed with a smell of the ocean in the air. I could see it through window shields which separated me from it. Last time when I was in L.A. many years ago, it didn’t smell with such intensity. I liked it. I took another deep breath and closed my eyes.

I was running mental checks when an airport clerk approached me. She wore a blue suit. She was pale; light-blue watery eyes were pointing to my eyeballs. I couldn’t look left or right. I looked back at her eyes.

„Good afternoon Madame. Are you a passenger from the flight no. 008?“
“Yes.” I was surprised with the color of the voice which came out of my throat. It felt as I had a filter which was directing the right frequency of each syllabus used in each word.
“Please could you came with me to the rest room. Our director would like to speak with you.”
“I’m in a bit of a hurry.”
“Sorry, you have to follow me.” I felt light electrical shocks going through my limbs. I felt like a puppet doll. Before I hit the floor, the lady grabbed me; and I followed her.

We walked through different airport corridors which seemed empty, almost deserted. I was wondering what happened to other passengers who were on a flight from Tokyo. Also, what happened to other travelers. International airports are full of people; this one was unusually empty. Finally, we entered into a room painted white, no windows, a few soft white armchairs. She pointed at a seat and informed me director would be with me in no time. After a while, a bold man entered the room and greeted me with a big smile:

„Ms. Smith we are so pleased to welcome you in our city. I have been waiting for you so eagerly, but before we proceed, we will have to run few checks.“
„Checks,“ I looked at him puzzled.
„Well, it is for your safety.“
„My safety, please could you be frank with me. I have to catch a 6 o’clock train for the city to attend a meeting.“ Frankly, I had to go to the post office on Green avenue to pick up the parcel, but I kept it to myself.
„Ms. Smith would you like a glass of water or something“, he continued. I believe he didn’t hear my question even he was paying attention while I was talking. „What I am going to tell you might be a shock.“
„Please tell me; I don’t have a time for dull conversations.“
„Well, you left Tokyo in 2017 and arrived in L.A. in 2027.“
„At this very moment, you are sitting in a rest room of our new intergalactic airport.”
“Did you say intergalactic airport?”
“Yes, Madam.”
“In 2017., you plain would land at an international airport, but due to the time shift, we had to make some adjustments. We transferred flight 008 to a different part of the airport which is at the moment completely cleared. We greet each passenger individually. You are among the last.“
„You are jockeying with me, sir.“ I stand up. „I’m not a fan of SF stories. I must go now.” I started to walk towards the door but something overwhelmed me with sadness, and I stopped. I began to cry.
„No, not possible, I have family in Tokyo, what happened to them. Are they alive?“ I left my dog, Tobi. He was my only family left.
„I ‘m sorry Madam. I don’t have the answer to your questions, but we will check it for you. Please follow me.“

He scheduled an appointment with a medical specialist. He was not human alike. A beautiful transparent being greeted me; he introduced himself as Minahu. I named him the Spring. He asked me to sit on a sofa; he asked me if I allow him to run some tests. I agreed. He took a picture of me, it is called energetic screening, and in a few second he got results.
“Great, your results are much higher comparing to other passengers from flight 008. Were you engaged in any treatment or procedure prior your flight?”
“Did you used to meditate?”
“I appreciate your honesty; it helps a lot while deciding on treatment for you.”
“How do you know that I am not lying?”
“I have the screen of all your levels; I need your clarification; depending on the degree of honesty, which is common in 2027, I can prepare a session which will suit you in the transition phase.”
“I should not bother to hide anything.”
“No need.”
“Do you know if my parcel is still in the post office on Green avenue?”
“It is in the library archive.”
“Will I be allowed to access it?”
I thought I was dreaming, but I was awake. It seems the future was a flight away.

He prescribed a treatment called: “An out of space human wellness.” I had to take nine treatments; first three were scheduled in the morning, following three during the early afternoon and last three in the evening.

Today I start with the evening sessions. A few minutes before 8 p.m. I entered the room, logged in with the ID no and headed towards the chair, silver one it was. As I sat down, I fell asleep, that’s my explanation, I believe I went for a trip.

The Spring joined me in the room and asked me if I am interested in participating in the project called „Bubbling.“ Without hesitating, I said yes.

He told me it is effortless. I need to imagine myself in front of a bubble, I need to transfer myself inside of a bubble, and once I achieve it I will get credentials to leave the airport. The bubble would be more of a taxi but much better. Air in 2027 was pure. My lungs were still unprepared, so I had to use the bubble as transportation mean.

A few days later, as I was lying I opened my eyes; I was inside the bubble. Almost instantly the Spring arrived. We scheduled my first flight on August 30, 2027.

The Spring was walking; I was floating. We communicated telepathically. He taught me how to do it. We were on our way to the library to pick up the parcel.

Most of the city was sitting on the ocean. Buildings were floating. He explained it is not like it used to be in Venice, buildings get power supplies from the sea’s energy field. Only pedestrians were on the streets. They laughed, smiled, greeted and talked to each other. Children were running around green parks. Everybody was smiling; I started to smile myself.

As we got closer to the library, I got hot flashes. The Spring asked me if I was o.k. I was not able to answer. I had unexplainable urge to enter and went through to the roof.

Tobi was waving his tail when I open the roof door. I left the bubble. All I could see was a floating city, all I could feel was joy holding the Tobi in my arms.

© Marijana Mary Mrvoš

Naramak njenih koščatih ramena

naramakIlustracija – link http://www.istockphotos.com

Nedostaje mi prijateljica i naramak njenih koščatih ramena i dodir kukova u haljini na sitni uzorak u boji pramena koji joj nemirno pada na čelo, i miris koji se širi dok hoda i pogled na nokte bez boje laka što proviruju kroz sandale na remenčiće u boji usne školjke.

Nedostaje mi prijatelj u dugom smiraju na balkonu dok zvijezde u noći sv. Lovre poniru i pogled u čijim zjenicama se odbija svemira i kapice katedrale osvijetljene kao u noći betlehemskoj što čekaju visoke goste dok zrikavci dugo, dugo pjevaju o svemu što znamo sa sklonošću da se sve podrazumijeva.

Nedostaje mi proljetni poljubac visibabe i jaglaca, miris mlade trave što se probija kroz meku zemlju i grumene sasušene trave i šumovi glasova najnježnije uspavanke dok se poput poljupca spuštaju niz kapke i ponekad izmame suzu.

Nedostaje mi spoznaja dana koji se tek sprema dohvatiti svoj najsjajniji trenutak, momenti svjetlosti, uhvaćeni u sjećanju, što se ranim jutrima, dok se rijetki bude i rijetki tek idu spavati, probijaju kroz listove i cvjetove trešnje i prozorsko staklo ispisujući po licu, zaobljenim pokretima, slova povijesti.

© Marijana Mary Mrvoš