Ljepotu čine odaje naših mikrokozmosa. Pokažimo svijetu svilene zastore, rezbarije u drvetu, meke papučice optočene biserima i draguljima. Podijelimo jedni s drugima ljepotu i stvarajmo zajedno svijet o kome sanjamo.

„What a wonderful world“

We don’t know where lived a mother called Jessica. She had a son named Janosh. At that time he was three years old. He was a happy boy. He smiled and played all the time. His mum Jessica hardly remembers him crying

One very dull winter morning Jessica was late for a meeting. She parked near a public park and rushed out. The sky was getting darker. Birds who lived in the park stopped singing. They knew it will snow soon. They decided to find a shelter under armpits of an old man who lived in the park.

Once, he was a father of two boys and a girl. He loved them a lot but became an alcoholic. That morning he looked at sky and knew it will snow. He loved snow and decided to go for a walk.

Janosh was quietly sitting. He got bored and started to sing. An old man was passing and heard singing. He stopped and looked through the window. There was a child he could not stop watching.

Janosh saw a man looking at him. He looked scary and there was something unusual about him. He was hiding birds under his armpits. He was not scared anymore. He started to smile and opened a window.

Good morning sir. Are you hiding birds under your armpits?

 An old man was in a shock. He could hardly remember a person speaking to him in years. He looked at his big smile and could not resist.

 Dear boy, would you like to see a little magic?

Yes sir.

He whispered.Birds rushed out, he began to sing.

People passing stopped to hear. People in buildings stopped working. Once, an old man was a famous singer. He saw that child smiling at him he remembered and started to sing:“What a wonderful world.“

Jessica finished her presentation and heard the song. Father used to sing it to her before falling asleep. She remembered Janosh and rushed out.

It started to snow.

© Mary Mrvoš


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